Phoenix Flame Media

A media house in Melbourne, FL developed by Jonathan Dennison to provide a broad range of creative services. Jonathan has over four years of experience serving print shops, sign companies and freelance with graphic design & illustration, logo development, 3D modeling & rendering, and light web design. Alongside of his day-to-day work, Jonathan has served a number of churches with quality video production for capital campaigns and other programs. These productions include shooting, editing, audio and soundtrack, post-production work, and DVD mastering. Finally, Mr. Dennison has over nine years of experience with audio recording in both studio and small live venues. He is also endeavoring into the field of sound ENG (audio for video/film, with boom poles and field mixers).

Igniting the Spirit of Creativity

At the heart of Phoenix Flame Media is a goal to empower others to discover their God-given creative talents and giftings. As part of this, Phoenix Flame Media will be teaming up with churches and other organizations to build creative communities and outlets to provide the equipment and facilities necessary to further develop those talents. If you are a church or organization who would like to take part in this effort, please contact Jonathan to let him know how you can be involved.

About Jonathan Dennison

Jonathan Dennison has a background in a plethora of arts and music disciplines, considering himself a "Jack-of-all-trades". With a BA degree in Digital Arts from Stetson University and an M.Div (Masters of Divinity Degree) from Asbury Seminary, he is following God towards a calling as an Arts and Media pastor. As you read in the above paragraph, he has a vision for an equipping and facilitating ministry to raise up artists. His goal is to help others realize how to make a difference and discover a calling through their creative talents.

In the meantime, he is gaining valuable experience in design, teamwork and project management serving almost seven years as a production illustrator, web designer and briefly filling in as Project Coordinator at a commercial sign company in Melbourne, FL. Along with his Phoenix Flame Media work, Jonathan is serving at his local church on a part time basis as a Technical Arts Supervisor, overseeing, training and scheduling the Audio/Visual teams for the three Sunday services, producing videos for the various ministries, programs and Sunday messages, and preparing media for the website. Jonathan has also experimented in leading an arts small group program, The Tribe @ Trinity, and previously volunteered as a media artist, A/V technician and trainer for the high school ministry, The Beachhouse.

Beyond the church campus, Jonathan served for three years as an assistant director of the production team for FOCUS on Brevard Live. FOCUS is a TV show with the purpose of introducing local artistic talent throughout Brevard to the public. The show airs weekly on both the NASA channel and the local Brighthouse channel. Mr. Dennison's broad range of skills were used every week to produce quality sound, graphics, live editing or camera control.

You can view his resume here: Dennison_Resume_2015.pdf

About the Logo

The logo for Phoenix Flame Media was designed with a number of metaphors in mind. The phoenix itself is an image of death and rebirth. As such it is a great parallel to the image of Jesus Christ who defeated death through resurrection. The placement of the phoenix within the logo also assumes the position of the "falling dove", which is a classic Christian image of the Holy Spirit descending, as seen in the Biblical accounts of the baptism of Jesus. The Holy Spirit and Phoenix both portray images of fire: At the beginning of the book of Acts, we see "tongues of fire" above the heads of the disciples and others. The concept of fire is one of power and life. It is something that can be smothered, but also something that can be nourished and soon become an uncontrollable force. The final element of the logo is the circle, which represents a whole being: the human soul.

Put together, we have the Holy Spirit, sent by God through Jesus' death and resurrection, to dwell alongside the human soul. The flames of the Holy Spirit can empower us and guide us. We have the choice as to whether or not to allow the Holy Spirit to move in our lives, to allow the flames to burn brightly or not. Should we choose to allow the Holy Spirit to move in our lives, it can eventually break past our own human limits, illuminate truth and inspire others to catch the fire of the Holy Spirit and the message of the Gospel. This is the element seen at the top of the logo, where the flame breaks past the boundaries of the circle.

For artists, our creative gifts can be the medium through which the Holy Spirit can move and communicate to others. Our work has the potential inspiring Metanoia(a radically new way of thinking) in the minds of others, changing lives, and spreading the powerful and contagious flames of God's Love and Truth.

Humanity is capable of amazing art with powerful messages. Combine that with the power of the Creator God through the Holy Spirit, and the message catches fire and spreads like wild fire!